6.5 Revisions (If Necessary)

Andrew wants to make sure he has created the best design for his clients. Sometimes the client may say: “I like this aspect of Concept #1 but I also like this element of Concept #2″. If that is the case, Andrew is happy to go back and make minor revisions – free of charge (so long as they are not major revisions to the project scope as determined at the initial consultation meeting and agreed on in the Contract for Landscape Architectural Services). 

7. The Finished Landscape Plan, The Planting Plan, Construction Documents

and Bid

Once an agreement has been made on which Concept Plan to move forward with then we will create the Finished Landscape Plan and the Planting Plan with Plant Legend. Also in the plan set are Irrigation Plans and any pertinent Construction Details and Specifications. Other plans that may also be necessary (depending on project scope and size) are: Demolition Plans, Grading/Drainage Plans and Gas/Electrical Plans.

5. The Concept Plans

Once we have created the Base Plan then we can draw up the Concept Plans. The Concept Plans are three “loose sketched” designs that show the layout of proposed site improvements. The Concept Plans shows the shape and location of new features such as: patios, decks, paths, water features, arbors, walls, and planting areas. Once the Concept Plans are completed a Design Review Meeting will take place. The Concept Plans may also include other sketches showing perspectives, sections and elevations. 


Once the design is completed then it is time to get bids from contractors. Latitude Landscape Architecture can help get bids from contractors and make sure you are getting the best price and service. During construction of the landscape, we can be there to make sure the design is being installed as intended. Construction observation is billed as hourly at the same rate as design time.

1. The Consultation Meeting

All of jobs start with a Consultation Meeting at the client’s home or place of business. This gives the client and opportunity to meet with Andrew in person and show him your property and to tell him what you are interested in and what your concerns are. This meeting usually lasts a half-hour to an hour and is a free service that Andrew provides. At the meeting Andrew will give some feedback and offer some potential design solutions​

6. The Design Review Meeting

At the Design Review Meeting Andrew will present his Concept Plans and sketches to the clients and together they will come to a decision on the most favorable design to move forward with. Other items discussed at the Design Review Meeting are the different material options for patios, masonry, and carpentry work. Andrew will bring photos or materials samples to look over. 

• Arbors, Gazebos and Trellis
• Fences and Gates
• Green roofs
• Water features
• Drainage and Stormwater Management Plans,
• Rain Harvesting, Bio-swales, and Rain Gardens

Latitude Landscape Architecture, Inc. works with clients from inception of the idea through installation, working with contractors, to make sure the design is implemented correctly

2. Contract for Landscape Architecture Services

After the Consultation Meeting we will prepare a Contract for Landscape Architecture Services with a detailed description of the project scope. Also included will be a breakdown of design hours and other fees. 

4. The Base Plan

The Base Plan (or the Existing Conditions Plan) is a scaled (usually 1/8″ = 1 ft or 1/4″ = 1 ft) plan showing the existing buildings, property lines, hardscapes (patios, decks, paths, etc.), trees, lawns, shrubs, utilities and other significant site elements. It will also have relevant contours and elevations. 

We offer landscape architectural design, consultation and construction services for municipal projects that include: 

• Drought tolerant plantings

• Stormwater management plans

• Public parks and plazas

• Complete Streets designs, bicycle and pedestrian plans

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Commercial and Institutional

Urban Design and Municipalities

3. Site Inventory

If the client agrees and signs the Contract then the first step in the design process is the Site Inventory. The Site Inventory allows us to obtain the measurements needed so that we can draw up a Base Plan. Times to perform the Site Inventory vary with the size and scope of the job. If the client already has a scale plan of the property then the Site Inventory time can often be reduced. On some, larger sites (an acre or more) or sites with steep and/or varying topography or sites where exact locations of the property lines are difficult to determine we may recommend that the client get a professional survey done of their property. 

Latitude Landscape Architecture offers consulting, landscape design, landscape construction and management services for all businesses, be they retail or hospitality to financial or medical institutions.

It is key to have an inviting aesthetic, especially if you are incorporating outdoor seating and gathering places at your location. So whether you are a restaurateur who wants to add outdoor dining or you are a architect, developer or property manager and our looking to get your project LEED certified – then we can help you achieve your goal.

We can also help Day Cares and schools by designing landscapes that are safe and inviting. Perhaps you want to install an edible garden, complete with raised beds and composting. Or perhaps you would like to install a native plant arboretum adjacent to your science classroom. We can provide the plans and help facilitate the installation. 

• Drought and Deer tolerant plantings
• Edible gardens
• Lawn removal
• Meadow gardens
• Irrigation Design and installation
• Concrete, Tile and Flagstone Patios
• Outdoor Kitchens

• Retaining Walls