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 Our Mission is to create landscapes that are beautiful, functional, safe and sustainable.  Our landscapes showcase both, each material’s individual beauty and how different materials compliment each other. Be it the elegant minimalism of a concrete planter or seatwall, or the enduring nature of a stone wall covered with moss as it ages.

 Our planting designs always take to heart the importance of using drought tolerant plants that are California native, regional to the Western US or from a similar Mediterranean-type region. Plants are carefully considered; some for their architectural boldness, others for floral display, other for the textural blanket display the foliage makes when massed.

 We always encourage and teach our clientele the importance of using sustainable practices when designing and constructing landscapes. Most importantly, the use of water, and making sure we are reducing its use but not in sacrifice of the design. Often it just comes down to choosing the right plants and making sure the irrigation system is as efficient as possible.

Founder and Owner, Andrew Chance is a Licensed Landscape Architect,  a Qualified Bay Friendly Landscape Design Professional and Qualified Rainwater Harvesting Designer.